Life was full of adventure and wonder when we were younger. Sailing the high seas on ships and discovering new lands and people was just part of the normal routine as we whiled away the afternoon hours on a lazy Sunday. As everyone grows older, we lose some of that wanderlust and we get bogged down with the burdens of the world. We lose touch with our inner child that was always eager to see what was around the next bend while looking for chams. But it doesn't always have to be that way.

Arcadia Legends is the 69th FREE community game arrangement album released by OverClocked ReMix. Relive the memories of your childhood by taking a trip back in time when pirates ruled the skies and floating islands dotted the horizon. Relax as we take you on a journey through the perilous skies of Arcadia. Rediscover new lands and adventures.

Let's celebrate the end of the 15th anniversary of this special game that holds a dear place in the hearts of its fans. Welcome back to the Skies of Arcadia!

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download the full album

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A Note from Darkflamewolf
Project Director


I never owned a Dreamcast, being a Nintendo fanboy at heart. However, I did own a Nintendo GameCube and I was intrigued by the game Skies of Arcadia: Legends after it was advertised in my Nintendo Power subscription. It was an enhanced port with more content for the GameCube and, since I was on a huge RPG binge at the time, this looked right up my alley. What I played would changed my young adult life. Amidst all the dark, dreary, depressing, emo RPGs that spawned as a result of the uber-popular Final Fantasy VII, this RPG flew completely under the radar with its expertly used cliche storm and upbeat & happy characters. There was a sense of daring-do, brave exploration, and an overall message of doing what's right when everything else tells you no. It was a breath of fresh air in a sea of RPG copycats.

The gameplay and story weren't the only things that lingered long after I had finished playing the game; the music left an indelible mark on my psyche. To this day, I can't get the fantastic tunes and songs out of my head. So when I looked around to see what OC ReMix albums were out there, I was shocked and disappointed that there wasn't one for Skies of Arcadia. Reading up on the rules and regulations about such albums, I saw no restriction that I couldn't start one myself. So, a little over three years ago, a virtual nobody in the OC ReMix community, I decided to start my own album to bringing this music to Arcadia and video game music fans everywhere!

What floored me was how unknown this game was. Even though it has its rabid fans and devotees, the game was largely unheard of. Almost every remixer I polled either had not heard of the game, had not played it or simply wasn't interested in arranging a track for a game they were not familiar with. It was disheartening for the first year trying to gather a huge array of remixers to arrange for what basically amounted to an "underdog album." This was not the sort of album that people were clamouring for, but it would definitely be appreciated by those who enjoyed the game and its music.

So, I pressed onward, gaining both a co-director and art director in the form of Modus when I pinged him to remix a track. He had long since left the remixing scene, but was delighted to lend his talents in other capacities and has proven beyond useful in all respects. I could not have done this project without him. And only just a year ago, we got our sound director in the form of Rotten Eggplant whom pinged us with samples of his work after stumbling across our album project. After that, we became a trio that pushed onward to see this to completion. Some major shoutouts to several remixers who went above and beyond the call of duty to provide either one or more tracks and assist other remixers in the creation of other tracks: Deedubs and Jorito! But every single remixer did a fantastic job bringing their unique individuality to the album!

Over the three years, I have experienced great highs and quite a few lows with regards to project tempo, progress, outlook, and more. It has been a wild adventure and a crazy trip for my first time directing an OC ReMix album and quite an ambitious one at that! I wouldn't trade that experience for the world and if I had to do it all over again, I'd probably pick a smaller project! Regardless, this was an album I felt the world needed and I dedicate this to all the fans of this beloved, cult classic game. And remember: "Impossible is just a word people use to make themselves feel better when they quit." I'm glad I didn't quit this! Enjoy the music, everyone!



  1. "The Voyage Begins" by pu_freak
    Sources: "Opening Theme," "Main Theme"
  2. "Legend in the Making" by Sbeast
    Source: "Vyse's Theme"
  3. "Blue Skies, Pirate Surprise" by OceansAndrew
    Sources: "Blue Rogues' Theme," "Blue Rogues' Ship"
  4. "Rogue Sanctuary" by Ganaé
    Source: "Sky Pirate Isle"
  5. "Secret Bass" by Silent Ice
    Source: "Sky Pirate Hideout"
  6. "Into the Deep Dark" by Ophanin
    Source: "Dungeon of the Cave"
  7. "Arcadian Assault" by Fxsnowy
    Sources: "Battle," "Battle 2"
  8. "Victory! Glory! Profit?" by GlacialSpoon
    Sources: "The Victory," "Bombardment Victory"
  9. "A Sailor's Respite" by Bluelighter (feat. Peiorele)
    Source: "Sailors Town"
  10. "The Silver Crystal" by Deedubs
    Source: "Fina's Theme"
  11. "Better Days" by TSori (feat. Deedubs)
    Source: "Drachma's Theme"
  12. "On Wings of Feathers" by Chadlee (feat. Rotten Eggplant, JohnStacy)
    Source: "The Little Jack"
  1. "Blasting the Sand Demon" by shredd
    Source: "Kingdom of Nasrad"
  2. "From the Perilous Skies to Your Heart" by Deedubs
    Sources: "Bombardment," "Bombardment 2"
  3. "Valse pour un Prince Rebelle" by Deedubs
    Source: "Enrique's Theme"
  4. "Valhorteka" by Garpocalypse (feat. Darkflamewolf)
    Source: "Kingdom of Montezuma"
  5. "Inner Reflections" by YoshiBlade
    Source: "Flashback"
  6. "Rusted Hopes" by RebeccaETripp
    Source: "Border Town"
  7. "The Darkness Is Already Here" by zykO
    Source: "Dark Rift"
  8. "Il buono, il brutto, il pirata dell'aria" by Jorito (feat. Aster, Furilas, Lauren the Flute)
    Sources: "Yafutoma Dawn," "Eastern Sky Pirates' Theme"
  9. "Shrouded Void" by Sentient Pulse
    Source: Loneliness
  10. "Undervalued" by Kylok
    Source: "Valua City"
  11. "Coding Angel" by Jason Covenant
    Source: "Gilder's Theme"
  12. "To the Horizon" by Jorito (feat. Ronin Op F, Keadrin Cain, JohnStacy, Gamer of the Winds, Damian Nguyen, Bassoonify, Lauren the Flute, Earth Kid, BardicKnowledge, DrumUltimA)
    Sources: "Delphinus," "Kingdom of Nasrad," "Kingdom of Montezuma," "Eastern Sky Pirates' Theme," "Dungeon of the Ice," "Armada," "Great Silver Shrine"
  1. "The MFD" by djpretzel
    Source: "Dungeon of the Military Facilities"
  2. "Brain Sound Tilt" by Guifrog
    Source: "Ramirez's Theme"
  3. "Black Moon" by PrototypeRaptor
    Source: "Gigas' Theme"
  4. "Nervousness Is Just Bravery Disguised" by GlacialSpoon
    Sources: "Nervous Crisis," "Nervous Crisis 2"
  5. "Life in a Vyse" by Tuberz McGee
    Source: "Boss Battle"
  6. "Shining Silver" by Sam Dillard
    Source: "Great Silver Shrine"
  7. "God's Ambition" by Deedubs
    Sources: "Armada," "The Battle with Armada"
  8. "In Solitude, I Scream " by Supercoolmike (feat. Deedubs)
    Source: "The Last Dungeon"
  9. "Unknown Menace" by Glejs
    Source: "Zelos"
  10. "Silver Nightmare" by Deedubs (feat. Juan Medrano)
    Source: "The Last Battle"
  11. "The End of a Dream" by Scott Buckley
    Source: "The Legendary Sinking Continent"
  12. "Hearth and Home" by Juke
    Source: "Staff Roll"




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